About Us


Atiri is a mother-daughter venture. It is a story of Atisha and Reena (Ati and Ri) who are headstrong women and always believed in making a statement. They truly believe that style is the way to define a person. They have been in fashion industry for 10 years, but they always felt the absence of good market for Sarees,Dupatta and Suits. They believe that Saree,Dupatta and Suits are the true identity of Indian culture and thought that their vision should truly reach to all Indians.

They believe that one should always embrace the nature’s beauty and therefore only use natural fabrics while crafting their designs. They regard every woman as unique, therefore, every piece is its own kind. They aspire that every woman should make their own unique statement with one of a kind piece.

Every Atiri product has a special journey with utilising only handcrafted designs. Atiri’s handcrafted products makes a spectacle of flaws, as they believe the true beauty and uniqueness of a person lies not in the perfection, but in their flaws. The process of designing every Saree,Dupatta and Suit is a celebration of centuries of tradition and the authenticity of Indian arts. Every woman who embraces this art carries the vision of modern women in India.